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Dinner from a tiffin

More delicious food from E for us! She is so generous, and a really great cook! Fried pork, to go with… …this wonderful tangy sweet and sour sauce, with chunks of pineapple, cucumber, tomato and spring onion in it… …and these delicious gingery and garlicky stir-fried vegetables. My plate, loaded up: And close-ups of deliciou…

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Return of the loaded tiffin

Last Thursday Jac’s mum’s friend E cooked us another lovely meal, packed in her three-tiered tiffin carrier. Fantastic timing, as Jac was at hockey after work and I would’ve been far too lazy to cook much for my dinner. As it turned out, I was able to simply dig into this wonderful spread of home-cooked […]

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Tiffin carrier

Last weekend, Jac’s mum’s friend E kindly made us some biryani and curry, which she sent along to us in a tiffin carrier. In the top tier was finely chopped fried cabbage and carrot, and a dish of yoghurt and mint sauce (raita). In the second tier was the curry – Jac thought it was […]

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