Burgers of Disappointment

We went to the Perth Caravan and Camping Show at the Ascot Race Course on Saturday. We had great fun going in and out of caravans and motorhomes and checking out tents. The food we ate was rather disappointing – crap quality for the price. We were starving when we got there and there didn’t seem to be much else on offer, and so we ended up buying these $6 burgers (yes, I am ashamed to admit we paid $6 each for these!). Jac had the Ascot Burger (a beef burger). Her comment was “it’s very dry”.

Ascot Burger

We shared some hot chips, which were ok, dusted with chicken salt. I’ve eaten much, much, much better chips though.

Hot chips

My chicken burger wasn’t very good either. It was super dry too, and the chicken was a reconstituted pattie, very flat and overcooked. The cheese was so thin it was practically transparent, and had barely any taste.

Chicken burger

I had a couple of bites before I realised that my burger actually had bacon in it. The bacon followed the same theme as the chicken – thin and dry. It was barely bacon, the artist formerly known as bacon, the most unbacony bacon you could ever have. What a shame.

Chicken burger - bitten

Jac’s burger. It doesn’t look so bad in this photo, but she was really unimpressed by it. We weren’t the only ones who felt ripped off by these crappy burgers. The people at the table next to ours were bitching furiously about how crappy the food was too.

Burger - bitten

Quick easy 3 second erection! No annoying wet bed ends! Ok ok, this is a cheap laugh. Jac was like: “Why are you taking a picture of that sign?” Heheheh.


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