Yep yep, another Friday night home delivery chinese dinner

I’m sure you know by now that we don’t usually feel like cooking on Friday nights. Here’s what we got home delivered this time. First, a selection of deep fried entrees, with the fancy name of “Four Seasons” – 2 battered dim sims, 4 wantans, 4 spring rolls and 2 pieces of prawn toast.

Four seasons

Chicken and mushroom soup, with big chunks of chicken, whole brown mushrooms and choy sum. Very ‘home style’.

Chicken and mushroom soup

Battered and seasoned five spice pork ribs. Jac thought they had too much batter and too little meat, but I liked the seasoning in the batter. A little on the salty side, but yummy. I thought there was just enough pork in the batter to give a reasonable chew.

Five spice pork ribs

One of our old favourites. The prawns are always juicy and bursty and perfectly cooked. We didn’t order a separate vegetable dish as this one contains plenty.

King prawn with broccoli

Large combination fried rice.

Large combination fried rice

Another of our favourite dishes – crispy fried chicken with plum sauce.

Crispy fried chicken with plum sauce

My plate.

My plate

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