And while we’re on the topic of breakfast

On the weekend: Jac’s grilled SPAM and cheese on toast.

Jac's SPAM and gouda cheese toastie

She also had plain grilled cheese on toast. I believe the cheese was gouda. She likes her grilled cheese a little overdone, I think. I like it still bubbling and slightly more gooey. She’s content to let the crusts go black and eat around them, but I like my crusts less done and still edible – I don’t like leaving anything behind on the plate!

Cheese on toast

My SPAM and cucumber buns. The SPAM has been pan-fried and the cucumber has cracked black pepper on it. The buns have margarine on them on the cucumber side, forming a seal so the moisture from the cucumber doesn’t leak through and soggify* the bottom bun.

SPAM and cucumber buns

SPAM and cucumber bun

Oh, and don’t worry, Jac and I have made up after the stupid cat-pee-and-mop incident of this morning. Stuff like that happens from time to time. Did I mention it was our 9-year anniversary this month?

*Yep I made this word up.

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