I can’t think of a title for this post

I worked at home today, mainly reading.

For lunch I made myself some toast. Twice. The first time I misread which number the toaster was set at and as I stirred my buttery scrambled eggs, I thought idly to myself, “Hmmm, that toast seems to be taking ages”… and then shortly after that, “What’s that smoky smell?” Oooooops. With the two black pieces of toast chucked in the bin, I started again with two more slices of bread at a much lower setting. The question has been asked many times before – why do they make toasters with temperature settings that produce inedible pieces of charcoal? Anyway, I had scrambled eggs on one piece of toast, and canola spread and strawberry jam on the other. I also zapped some leftover baked beans and served that in a side dish. This made a yummy, breakfasty sort of lunch. Unfortunately, we seemed to be out of bacon, which would have been perfect, though I reckon I wouldn’t have been bothered frying up bacon – I can’t be bothered preparing meals involving multiple pans most of the time – too fiddly. This evening Jac came home with bacon, pork chipolatas and more eggs… methinks the weekend shall feature a fry-up breakfast. Mmmmm. Stay tuned for that!

Scrambled eggs on toast, strawberry jam and canola spread on toast, baked beans

For dinner, Jac made a tomato-based sauce with chicken, broccoli and mushrooms and served it with soyaroni. As usual, I polished off a big bowl’s worth.

Soyaroni with chicken, broccoli and mushrooms

I’m feeling full, sleepy and uninspired. I’ll have to try to write something more interesting on the weekend.

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