Assorted things from a Saturday

[Chronologically, this post should come before the Monday post]

On Saturday morning Jac had to drop by her work to do a few things, and on her way back she picked up some breakfast. Whatever we didn’t finish would become snacks later. First, we had assorted sushi – from left to right: tuna and mayo, salmon, avocado and chicken.

Assorted sushi

Jac also bought a pack of chicken sushi – because we love chicken.

Chicken sushi

Chicken sushi close-up

She also bought bakery pies – she got herself steak and kidney (sorry, no photo), and chicken and vegetable for me (as usual). She also got a few party pies – mini meat pies. Here’s a photo of my chicken pie next to one of the party pies, for size comparison.

Big pie, little pie

The chicken pie was as good as ever – I was very pleased with how this innards shot turned out.

Chicken pie innards

In the afternoon, we went to a local fair. After a round of hot chips with chicken salt and a chicken wing ding each (yes, mega-junky, but that’s what you do at fairs!), Jac had a hankering for some fruit salad and ice cream. In this case, it was strawberry ice cream.

Strawberry ice cream with fruit salad

After eating, entering a couple of raffles, looking at stalls and exhibits (the prize-winning bread exhibits smelled so good – I just stuck my head as close as I could get and inhaled with pleasure), it was time for rides. As I’m prone to extreme motion sickness I never go on rides – it’s strictly Jac’s thing. I just sit at the bottom and watch, minding her stuff. Here she is (somewhere!) on her favourite ride.

Jac is somewhere on this ride!

I did ride in a dodgem car with Jac though. That was fun. There were these boys (I estimate aged 12 or 13) that we kept ramming our car into who just squeeeeeeeeealed! It’s totally non-pc to say, but they squealed like little girls! It was hilarious. As Jac drove I would be yelling stuff like “RAM THOSE BOYS AGAIN!” or (looking right into their eyes) “BAAAAAAM!” Hahaahaaaa. It’s probably good that I don’t drive.

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