Savannah’s 8th birthday – Part 1

[Chronologically, this post and Parts 2 and 3 should also come before the Monday post]

On Sunday, we celebrated Jac’s niece Savannah’s 8th birthday. In the afternoon, Savannah and her school friends went on a limo party, with Jac as chaperone. We’d never heard of a limo party before this – basically, the girls got driven around in a hired limo, with soft drinks, lollies and potato crisps to munch on, and the PlayStation 2 game SingStar to keep them amused when they weren’t at traffic lights screaming and waving at people. After driving around town for a while, they stopped off at Kings Park to play for a bit, and then returned for birthday cake. Jac quite enjoyed being chaperone. She sat in the front with the driver and scored all the lollies the girls didn’t want.

The family celebration was in the evening. Jac made a salad that one of her hockey team mates made once for a party: it had english spinach, grape tomatoes, avocado, shaved parmesan and sliced red onion rings. But the magic ingredient was a jar of marinated sliced capsicum (red and yellow) – the oil from the jar was the dressing for the salad. It was really easy to make and really tasty.

Jac's salad

Jac’s mum made her crunchy noodle salad, which has crunchy noodles, raw cabbage, spring onions and roasted slivered almonds or pine nuts in it. She forgot the nuts this time, but it was really good anyway – the cabbage provided plenty of crunch. This salad’s magic ingredient is the sesame oil in the dressing – YUM.

Crunchy noodle salad

Savannah requested her dad’s special coleslaw, which is really good. This one’s secret ingredient is Kraft coleslaw dressing. The standard coleslaw dressing, not lite or diet or any other variation, and definitely not any other brand. And it always has to be white cabbage and red cabbage as well as the carrot and spring onion.


And of course, Savannah’s mum made her specialty dish of potato bake, which is a family favourite.

Potato Bake

We had buttered bread to eat with our dinner too…

Bread and butter

Part 2 is next… the barbecue.

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