Belated weekend food write-up

Arrrgh, I have at least four or five food posts to catch up on.

On Saturday morning, we went to the shops. When we got there we were starving (as usual, perhaps I don’t even need to say this anymore) and decided to split a pie and hot chips at Jesters.

We chose the Pie of the Month which sounded really good to us: it was “BBQ Meat Lovers”, with beef mince, bacon and cabana sausage in a barbecue-flavoured gravy.

Jesters Pie of the Month

We put lots of garlic salt as usual on our chips. If we ever feel like hot chips when we’re at Carousel, we always have them at Jesters, because they usually cook them fresh to order and they are just beautiful. None of the cardboard floppy crap you get at other places.

Hot chips

The pie was delicious and lived up to its description. It was full of beef mince and bacon pieces (small, but definitely there), and the gravy had a lovely barbecue/smoky/sausagey flavour to it, quite different to the usual taste of meat pie gravy. After a couple of bites I was just about to comment on the lack of actual chewable sausage when I found a huge slice of sausage, and so did Jac on her next bite. It was great. If this was became a standard pie variety I’d definitely have it again. Shame we discovered it so close to the end of the month. According to the Jesters site, the latest Pie of the Month is Beef Carbonade: “Tender beef with smoked bacon & capsicum in a slightly hopped dark beer gravy”. Mmmmm, that might be good too.

Jesters Pie of the Month Innards

After walking around shopping, paying bills and picking up our hemmed jeans from the tailor we were hungry again. Well, a pie and chips shared between two hardly counts as a substantial meal, especially when one of the two is a glutton with a rather large appetite :). We decided to grab something to takeaway from the Japanese place in the food hall.

As you can see, we really were not in a healthy eating kind of place on Saturday. We grabbed four pieces of chicken karaage (two each, of course!).

Chicken Karaage

The chicken had barbecue sauce drizzled over the top, and came served with a huge blob of mayonaise. Oooh yeah.

Chicken Karaage mayo close-up

We also bought a large serve of stir-fried udon noodles. I love these. They are very extremely garlicky with chicken pieces, carrot and cabbage.

Stirfried udon noodles

More coming up…

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