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This is going to be one of those annoying posts that tells you how busy I currently am (how busy? THIS busy!) and that I will post photos galore as soon as I get the chance. We had a very busy weekend – off to the shops on Saturday, and then on Sunday Jac did loads of gardening – she was out there for HOURS – while I stayed indoors and worked on my old abandoned Socket A AMD Athlon computer (the predecessor to my current AMD X2 3800+), a 1000 MHz Thunderbird – yeah THAT old… and slow. I’ve been meaning to resurrect it and get it working so Jac can have a computer of her own to do word processing, surf the net, read emails etc. – nothing hardcore. I’d love to just give her my pc and build myself a whole new super machine, but unfortunately, we kind of need to spend money on non-computer-related things at present. Anyway, for you nerds (I think there might be two or three of you reading) I promise the nerdy computer write-up, and for you gluttons, there shall be food photos. I’ll post as soon as I get the time, I promise! In the meantime, it’s time to get ready for bed with the old Thunderbird’s motherboard manual and a new book (I’ve been waiting and waiting on this!), purchased today with a 30% off coupon at Borders (wooohoo!). Another 4:30am start tomorrow on the aerofit, the usual morning routine and trip to uni, with a 10:30am meeting with my supervisor. The thesis conclusion I have been working on is almost finished (another wooohoo!). I’ll leave you with just one photo tonight, which I call “When we say garlic mushrooms, we mean GARLIC MUSHROOMS!”

When we say garlic mushrooms, we mean GARLIC MUSHROOMS! Oh, and look at the soft, sweet tomato. Mmmm, mushy..

Yes, I eat whole cloves of garlic at breakfast. Garlicky computer nerds of the world, unite and take over! Hmmm. All of a sudden I feel like singing… “Bigmouth, la da dum da da… Bigmouth, la da da da, Bigmouth strikes again, and I’ve got no right to take my place in the human race.”*

*No hidden meanings here, just a random attack of The Smiths.

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