She’s home!

Jac is home. She’s had a light lunch and is now sleeping. Uploading photos and replying to comments will have to wait a little longer. Right now I’m going to sneak in a nap while she is asleep on the couch. I haven’t been through anywhere near as much as Jac, but I feel really exhausted too. For those who’ve asked about the job situation for me, thanks very much – I’m not yet employed but things are looking very promising – that’s all I’m going to say. It’s all good.

Just a sneak preview of some of what’s coming up:
Delicious roast chicken dinner
Savoury pastry innards
More deep fried and battered goodies (or baddies, depending on how healthy you want to be)
Hospital food – minimike, you’ll be happy to know I’d already taken photos before you asked in your comment!
Steak sandwiches with bacon

No, photos of the stones are not on the list. Sorry! I know a number of you guys are curious, but believe me when I tell you they look gross. I do not intend to feature any photos of them here.

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