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This morning I went to the print/copy centre at uni to get my thesis printed and bound, ready for submission to the examiners. It really is a terrible waste of paper – 4 copies of the thesis as required by the university, each copy totaling 440 pages or so. Luckily, my scholarship came with a thesis allowance, so I didn’t have to pay for it ($171.90). I’ll be returning to uni on Friday morning to pick up the printed copies and deliver them to the Graduate Office. And that will be it – the thesis will be submitted, and I’ll be focusing my energy on other more important things.

Jac is doing very well. She’s still a little stiff and sore in the abdominal region and not as full of energy as she usually is, but she is getting better every day. Typically she loves nothing better than pottering around the house and garden doing stuff involving tools and rearranging furniture and lifting heavy objects – and so this recovery time has been driving her crazy. I’ve been doing my best to help her do things she hasn’t been able to do – she even had me digging holes for her in the garden the other day! She was most impressed to observe my fine shovelling technique, and she was even more pleased when I told her I learnt it from watching her! Really, I wasn’t just sucking up. :)

I have a stack of posts to catch up on. I promise, they’re coming up soon.

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