Another birthday at work

On Tuesday we celebrated another workmate’s birthday with goodies she got from Michel’s Patisserie.

There were fruit and custard tarts, chocolate topped profiteroles and some hefty looking cannoli.

Box of goodies

There was also an iced orange cake. The cake was lovely and soft – fluffy, in fact. I love orange cake, but I must admit I found the presence of poppy seeds a little disconcerting. Nice soft cake though, and yummy orange flavour.


Cake top

Fruit tarts are always so photogenic, aren’t they?

Fruit and custard tarts


Icing sugar-dusted chocolate-lined cannoli stuffed with custard – yuuuuum.


I had only a little cake – but by the contented looks on everyone’s faces and the happy licking of custard and chocolate off sticky fingers everything was enjoyed by all.

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