A couple of dinners

On Monday night, we had panfried chicken patties (bought from Woolworths) with salad and homemade potato wedges.

Chicken patties, well-done potato wedges

The potato wedges were well done but not overdone (important distinction!) and very tasty with a light sprinkling of chicken salt and dipped in aioli. Mmmmm.

Well done potato wedges

On Tuesday night we had fish filets baked in foil in the oven with fresh parsley and sliced mushrooms, baked potatoes in their very tasty jackets (we cut them in half and ate them with a dab of butter – I don’t know why, but the potato skin tasted absolutely amazing – I like cooked potato skins, but these were so good, the best ever – Jac swears she didn’t do anything special to them), steamed broccoli and orange mash (carrot and pumpkin). The fish was frozen – could have been snapper or hoki, I’m not sure – although my aversion to parsley has been documented on this site I must say I really liked the fish done this way.

Oven baked fish and vegetables

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