Work lunches

Monday: Teriyaki chicken, large size (AU$8.50), takeaway from Nippon Fare. I usually choose the small (or do they call it regular?) size, but this time I had lunch rather late – it was almost 2pm and I was absolutely ravenous by then – and so I felt compelled to choose large. This was just like why we try not to go grocery shopping when we’re hungry (you know how when you shop hungry everything looks so unbelievably magnificent and you’re driven to buy everything in sight?). I got through the large very easily – just wolfed it down and enjoyed every moment of the wolfing. But I think in future I will stick to the smaller size and if I’m feeling especially hungry I will boof up the meal with one of those salads with the little bottle of yummy sesame oil dressing – that will be a more balanced meal, right? And as it so happens, the large is too wide for a typical tfp-style close-up photography anyway.

Large teriyaki chicken

Tuesday: Singapore noodles (AU$8.95), takeaway from Han’s Cafe. These were saucy and delicious, tasting remarkably similar to the Han’s Stir Fried Noodle I had last week, except that these had chicken and seafood (prawns, squid and fish cake), rather than BBQ pork and seafood. This was completely different to what I expected “singapore noodles” to be like though – for one thing, I expected rice noodles rather than egg noodles, and I think there should’ve been a more curry flavour to them. Oh well. I still enjoyed my lunch.

Not really Singapore noodles

Wednesday: Soya chicken noodle soup (AU$8.95), dine in, from Han’s Cafe. I felt a little crook on Wednesday – you know, when you’re not really sick but you know you’re quite definitely not feeling 100%? – and quite inexplicably craved a box of greasy Original Recipe KFC (actually, the first time I was crook when Jac and I started seeing each other, she rang me to say she was coming over and asked if I’d like her to get me anything, and I answered, all sniffly and pathetic, “Yes, I would like a Red Rooster Roast Chicken Dinner please”)… but I decided that noodle soup would probably be a much wiser choice. When I ordered this dish I didn’t know if the “soya” part of the dish would be the chicken or the soup; as it turned out, it was the soup. This was really lovely and warmed me up. There were bean sprouts which you can’t see in the photo, buried under the noodles.*

Soya chicken noodle soup

Thursday: Pad Thai (AU$8.95), takeaway from Han’s Cafe. I asked for my noodles with no peanuts – I don’t have a peanut allergy and actually quite like peanuts (especially in Picnic and Peanut M&Ms), but I don’t really like them with noodles. These were pretty good – not saucy, but tasty. It was good the sliced fresh chilli was placed right in the corner of the takeaway container – pheeeeeeewwww, it was hot!

Pad Thai

Friday: Gozleme (AU$11.00 – price varies depending on fillings chosen), takeaway from Subiaco Pavillion Markets. This week my goz was filled with lamb, spinach, mushrooms, sundried tomatoes and eggplant. We typed out our orders again, there were no strange gozleme surprises, and they were delicious.


Gozleme innards

Gozleme innards

* I still didn’t feel the best after lunch (tummy whimpered that I probably shouldn’t have finished the whole big bowl of noodle soup when not feeling 100%), and my boss told me I should go home for the rest of the day. I got home at about 2:30pm, had a cup of tea and passed out on the couch – when I woke up it was almost 7:30pm and Jac was making dinner! I did go to work the next day, and on Friday too – I guess taking an afternoon off to sleep really helped.

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