Mid-week dinner at Spencer’s

On Wednesday evening we met up with C and her mate P for dinner at Spencer Village. I’d been craving char kway teow and ordered it from Penang Cuisine. As soon as the dish arrived, I could see it wasn’t going to be as good as it usually was. For one thing, it wasn’t dark enough. And I could see clearly that there was no trace of the little cubes of fried pork fat that normally make this such a tasty dish. It was OK, but has been so much tastier in the past – you could really taste the difference made by the absence of the fried pork fat. A lot of places do make char kway teow without the pork fat, but because Penang Cuisine normally uses (or should I say used?) the pork fat, I was quite disappointed. The wok hei flavour wasn’t as distinct as it normally it is either. I hope this isn’t the new “standard”.

Char kway teow - now

C had fish ball kway teow soup. P had loh mee but I didn’t take a photo (sorry!). C and P shared a plate of chee cheong fun too – C’s complaint was that there wasn’t enough sauce with the chee cheong fun. I do agree they have been a little skimpy with the sauce lately – we’ve noticed that with chee cheong fun and the steamed pork dumplings.

Fish ball kway teow soup

Jac had a salmon sashimi set from the Japanese stall. I think she enjoyed it. The eggplant tempura looked delicious, but had disappeared before I got a chance to take a bite. :)

Salmon sashimi set

Jac tried the tau foo fa from the drinks stall, for dessert. She’d never eaten this dish before. I’ve never liked it, ever since I was a child. I especially can’t stand it warm. To me, it’s very bland – the sugar syrup can’t hide the blandness of the tau foo. Jac thought it was OK and finished the bowl, but she said she probably wouldn’t have it again.

Tau foo fa

This was probably the least satisfying meal I’ve had at Spencer’s ever, but we had a lovely time catching with C and meeting P. Afterwards, in the car park, C and Jac admired and checked out each other’s vehicles and talked about ute/4WD accessories and technical car things (I love The Fast and the Furious movies, but know diddly squat about cars!). I have resolved to get together with C more often. I really need to get together with my friends more often. I just wish there was a viable alternative to working – we really waste so much of our best time and energy by being stuck at work.

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