More muffins!

On Tuesday evening after I’d finished my pork steak dinner, I got to work to bake the mini muffins from the batter I’d pre-made on Sunday. The recipe made around 48 mini muffins. I iced them all with mocha icing, and then topped some with chopped roasted unsalted peanuts. The whole process of filling mini muffin pans, baking muffins, removing muffins from pans and then washing the pans to re-use for the next batch (I really should just get another couple of mini muffin pans!), leaving muffins to cool, icing, etc etc, took me around two hours.

Chocolate muffins

Jac got to eat the first ones – admittedly, they were the broken ones, but I think I did a great job disguising any blemishes and gluing broken bits of muffin together with extra icing!

The first four for Jac

The muffins were very well received by my workmates. It’s such an easy recipe really (it would have to be, otherwise I’d be too lazy to make it!) – as always, they turned out very moist and chocolatey.

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