Hot dogs

We made hot dogs last Thursday night. I must confess I ate both of these. On one, I simply squeezed a line of tomato sauce and a line of American mustard on either side of the weiner. Jac squeezed the sauce and mustard on the other hot dog in a much fancier style. I must say her decorative efforts look way better than my no-effort!

Hot dogs/div>

The first thing listed under “Contents” on the packet of weiners started was “Meat (pork 70%)”. I wonder what the other 30% “meat” is? I wouldn’t be put off at all if it was stuff like snouts and bums, to be honest. As long as the sausages smell good, taste good and don’t make me ill, I’m happy! This article on sausages from the Telegraph in the UK makes an interesting read. Mmmmmmm, connective tissue. Heheheheh.

Hot dogs

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