Bento-style Monday

Last Monday’s lunch was composed mostly of leftovers.

I used the Sandwich Keeper box for myself this time. I packed cherry tomatoes, a green salad of mixed lettuce, green beans, snowpeas and cucumber, a couple of Arnott’s Snack Right Sultana Slice biccies, and a couple of chicken and mayo rolls. The bread and some of the salad were leftovers from Jac’s Saturday picnic.

Green salad, chicken mayo rolls, cherry tomatoes and sultana biscuits

Jac had almost the same, but I packed her some cheese (leftovers from the cold meats and cheese she’d taken on the picnic on the weekend) instead of the sultana biscuits – she doesn’t really like those.

Chicken and mayo rolls, salad and cheese

To make the chicken and mayo rolls, I took the last of the barbecue chicken off the bone and mixed it with mayonnaise, a teaspoon or so each of seeded mustard and Dijon mustard and some freshly cracked black pepper to taste. I then carefully tore the bread rolls open and dug out some of the bread from the inside to make a hollow, which I filled with the chicken and mayo mix. There were a couple of slices of cooked bacon left from Sunday’s breakfast – I chopped them up and put them in a couple of the rolls, so we each had one chicken and mayo roll and one chicken, mayo and bacon roll. I left instructions with Jac’s lunch that she should microwave the rolls before eating, and I did the same – they were great. If any of my Australian readers have eaten a hot chicken roll from Chicken Treat, Red Rooster or a similar chicken franchise, that what the warmed rolls tasted like!

Chicken and mayo rolls, one with bacon

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