Lunch at Mai’s Vietnamese Restaurant

Last Friday was a shocker of a day, and J and I escaped from the office and had lunch at Mai’s Vietnamese Restaurant (51 Bennett St, East Perth). We were very lucky and scored the very last free table – everything else was taken or reserved.

We shared a serve of pork spring rolls. They were freshly deep-fried and crisp, filled with pork, carrot and vermicelli. We both really liked that the spring roll skins were wrapped nice and tight, so that when you bit into a spring roll, it held together and didn’t spill its filling everywhere (disintegrating spring rolls are one of my pet hates). These were easy and tidy to eat – and just so poppingly freshly deep-fried, and utterly pleasurable to bite into! If you order these, be warned that they are served piping hot, so be careful not to burn your tongue, as I did – I must keep reminding myself that if a spring roll burns my fingers when I pick it up, it will most definitely burn my mouth too!

Pork spring rolls

We both ordered dishes we’ve eaten before at Mai’s, two very homestyle, simple and delicious dishes. I had stir-fried broccoli with chicken, with garlic sauce, served on rice. Like the first time I had this dish, it tasted wonderfully fresh. The broccoli was cooked perfectly – firm to bite, yet not raw-tasting. The chicken was tender, and the sauce deliciously garlicky. I consumed every last morsel on my plate. I didn’t lick the plate, but there was much finger-wiping-of-plate, followed by much finger-sucking.

Broccoli and chicken stir-fry with garlic sauce, and rice

J ordered the beef stew with rice. The beef was fall-apart tender. She really enjoyed it. The stew smelled really good! I’m not a big fan of beef dishes, but I reckon if it had potato in it, I could be tempted. :)

Beef stew and rice

Lunch was around AU$22.00 for the two of us – a delicious feed at a good price.

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