One or two dinners

The last time I bought a takeaway dinner from Taka (150 Barrack St, corner Wellington St, Perth), it was delicious, but not filling enough. I decided not to buy a large sized meal this time though, because the large meals come with miso soup and I didn’t want to carry a cup of hot miso soup on the train journey home. I bought two small meals instead. :)

I got a teriyaki fish (AU$5.30 small)…

Teriyaki fish and rice

…and potato cakes (AU$5.30 small). Jac ate this potato cakes meal once before when we ate at Taka on a Friday night after work. That’s barbecue sauce on the potato cakes.

Potato cakes and rice

I ate the teriyaki fish and rice and one of the potato cakes for my dinner while talking with Jac on the phone. I left the rest of the rice and the other potato cake for another meal, breakfast on Saturday morning.

Teriyaki fish and rice with a potato cake

The mashed potato filling had carrot and corn kernels in it. The potato cakes would’ve been really crispy if I’d dined in at the restaurant or eaten them on the way home, but I still enjoyed the fluffy well-seasoned mashed potato filling. I think I’ll be grabbing takeaway dinners from Taka a lot more from now on.

Potato cake innards

I’m running a little behind with post-writing this weekend; usually by this time, I’ve drafted up all the posts for the coming week, but I spent all of yesterday working on my computer to sort out some dodgy driver and broken Windows issues (long boring story). I think I’ve got it all fixed for now, which is good. I’d better keep working on the posts so you’ll have something to look at this week. :)

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