Bacon, French toast and golden tomatoes

Last Sunday I woke up around 9am, walked to the local deli to buy a copy of the Sunday Times, then came home and cooked myself breakfast – three rashers of bacon, really eggy French toast made with multigrain bread, and panfried golden tomatoes. I poured maple syrup over the French toast (a little maple syrup may have ended up on the bacon too :)) and cracked plenty of fresh black pepper over the tomatoes. It was sweet, it was salty, it was simply delicious.

Bacon, French toast and golden tomatoes

The tomatoes were too old to eat fresh in a salad, but they tasted great panfried.

Golden tomatoes close-up.

I ate my breakfast while reading the Sunday Times STM magazine article I mentioned in a post last weekend, which featured a blog top ten, in which TFP was named as number 9. For those of you who didn’t get to read last week’s STM and asked me for a copy/snippet:
“There’s a wonderful shame-free lustiness for tucker exuded from The Food Pornographer site. It’s created by a 33-year-old Perth woman who takes a photo of whatever she’s about to eat, whether bought or made by a friend or herself. She posts to the web her photographic feasts, along with descriptions and occasional comments about everyday minutae. And it doesn’t matter whether The Food Pornographer’s lifting forks with the hoi polloi or just scarfing down some takeaway – there’s no food elitism here. It’s all a cheerful tribute to one’s greasy and/or glorious fills and thrills.”

And my friend Julia’s given TFP a little mention too, on her blog. Thanks, Jules!

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