Monday bento – fried rice, panfried fish, broccoli

I was a little distracted and excited last Monday, with Jac due to return home in the evening after two and a bit weeks away. I packed myself a bento lunch of leftovers – fried rice and panfried fish.

In fact, my bento lunch was pretty much exactly the same as my dinner the night before. I made fried rice with turkey SPAM, green beans, corn kernels, carrot, onion, garlic and oyster sauce. I thawed a couple of pieces of fish we had in the freezer, coated them lightly in seasoned flour (just seasoned with salt and pepper), then panfried them in a little olive oil. As it happened, there was enough fried rice and fish left over for me to pack in my bento the next day.

Fried rice with turkey SPAM, with panfried fish

To go with the fish and fried rice, I blanched some broccoli, a leftover piece of French toast, a single-wrapped Tim Tam and a few prunes.

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