Iced cinnamon bun and news about home

I’ve had a cinnamon bun thing going lately. Here’s an iced cinnamon bun I ate recently. This one had very sticky, thick sugary icing –poured fondant, I think. The little black raisins in the bun were sweet, but the bun itself didn’t taste or feel as fresh and fluffy in the middle as it should’ve been – I was disappointed. I just keep thinking back to that amazing cinnamon bun I ate on Hamilton Island. No bun since then has even come close.

Iced cinnamon bun

Home news
In other news – we’re getting our house ready for sale, and if all goes along to plan, we’ll be getting ready to move into a new home – so I may be busier than usual over the next few months. During this time I will endeavour to post regularly and respond to comments and emails as usual, but I hope you’ll forgive me if things take a little longer or if posts aren’t as quite regular as they have been. It’s quite an exciting yet stressful time at the moment. I’ll keep you guys posted on the progress of things.

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