Dinner and bento – chicken fingers, asparagus stems, vegetable slice

For dinner, Jac served oven-baked crumbed chicken fingers (bought frozen in a box), asparagus stems and vegetable slice. The vegetable slice was another of Jac’s experiments, made of egg and vegetables – green beans, asparagus tips, potato, carrot and onion. Jac included a nice big dish of smokey barbecue sauce for dipping the chicken fingers into. I ate the sauce with the chicken and the vegetable slice. I may have gone back for a second round of sauce too!

Chicken fingers, asparagus stems, vegetable slice, BBQ sauce

The chicken fingers (which sounds quite gross when you think about it :)) were delicious. I loved crumbed or battered chicken and could eat a mountain of them.

Chicken fingers

A few of the stems were on the woody side and I did point this out to Jac, but overall, I loved the texture of the asparagus and went back for more!

Asparagus stems

The vegetable slice was very eggy, and I really liked it. I don’t know if Jac will make it again, but I thought it was a pretty successful experiment. I guess it was sort of like an omelette or frittata, but Jac said she thought about it as a “slice” the whole time she made it as she baked it in the oven.

Vegetable slice

For lunch the next day, I packed myself leftovers – in my beautiful new bento box that my sister Juji gave me (see post An army of siew mai… and lovely surprises for me). I packed chicken fingers with tomato sauce in the top tier. There were no asparagus stems left, so I filled the whole bottom tier with eggy vegetable slice.

My bento lunch

My new bento box

My new bento box - side view

The chicken fingers and tomato sauce were a perfect fit – I couldn’t wait to eat them.

Chicken fingers with tomato sauce

I GLAD-wrapped the tomato sauce container so it wouldn’t spill during my journey to work. I always keep my bento boxes as upright as possible when travelling, but take extra precautions to guard against leakage. If you’re interested and haven’t read it, I wrote a post previously about Dealing with bento leakage.

Chicken fingers with tomato sauce - GLAD-wrapped

I carried the bento box in the dragonfly bento bag Juji gave me for Christmas (she gives me lovely bento gifts!). I packed a plastic fork in there too.

Bento lunch in bento bag

Bento lunch in bento bag

I’ve been responding to all your recent comments this morning. And Allie – you asked where in Melbourne Juji got the applecats bento box. I’ve sent her an email and asked – will post the answer once received!

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