Dinner – hot Chinese-style pork salad

Jac used the last of the roast pork to create a dish she called a “hot Chinese-style pork salad”*. She served hot roast pork pieces in a warm soy and chilli dressing topped with beansprouts and chopped spring onion, on salad greens and carrot. She used lots of dressing so that the salad was very juicy and delicious.

Jac's hot Chinese pork salad

I’ll be replying to your recent comments this weekend too. :) We’ll be very busy over the next few months… I’ll tell you why soon.

*The flavours of this dish were the “Chinese-style”; we’re not suggesting this dish resembles any authentic Chinese dish. Speaking of which, Margaret Cho’s done a skit on Asian chicken salad (YouTube). Thanks for the link, jetgirl!

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