Work lunch – turkey and salad rolls

Jac bought a bag of fresh multigrain bread rolls, so I used last of the turkey thigh roast to make us turkey and salad rolls for lunch.

Turkey and salad rolls

In roll number one: turkey, autumn fruit chutney, Kewpie mayonnaise, lettuce and tomato. Jac bought a jar of homemade autumn fruit chutney from a weekend market when she was in Denmark recently read post (Food on a weekend alone).

Turkey and salad roll

In roll number two: turkey, onion jam, mashed sweet potato, lettuce, carrot and tomato. The onion jam was the very last of the delicious Christmas onion jam we got from my brother and sister-in-law. Jac absolutely loved the mashed sweet potato in this filling combo.

One of Jac's turkey and salad rolls

A simple message on Jac’s bento note:

Jac's bento note close-up - For you, my love

My turkey and salad rolls:

My turkey and salad rolls

One of my turkey and salad rolls

Note: I know that using sliced fresh tomato can result in soggy sandwiches. I tried to minimise this by squeezing most of the moisture out of the tomato in paper towels (and removing centre part of the slices where the seeds are) before putting it in the bread rolls.

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