Lunch – pancakes with bacon and maple syrup

Our plan for the Saturday was: sleep in, have pancakes with bacon and maple syrup for breakfast, clean house, get ready to go out to dinner with Juji and Jay (that post next). Unfortunately, Jac had to go to work in the morning for a couple of hours. That didn’t stop us from having pancakes with bacon and maple syrup though – we skipped breakfast and had pancakes for lunch when she got home! :D

I set the table out on the patio – as you can see, we’re still using a trestle table. Haven’t had the time or energy to go shopping for an outdoor setting in the last couple of weeks. Both of us have been really busy with work and house things. And blogging things for me, of course. I poured us each a tumbler of 100% orange juice. I wrapped our cutlery in these crazy fluoro Halloween napkins my late grandma Mama gave us years ago. Mama thought the colours were pretty and bought them for us – she didn’t “see” the skulls and crossbones! The maple syrup is Canadian, but not the usual brand we buy. We usually get Camp maple syrup, which is pretty expensive over here. The last time we ran out and went to buy some, there was no Camp, only this other much cheaper brand, which we bought. I thought better to have cheap maple syrup than no maple syrup, or worse – maple-FLAVOURED syrup (fail!). Next time though, I will aim to get Camp maple syrup. Edit: this post was written a few weeks ago – we’ve since bought Camp maple syrup!

Pancakes and bacon for lunch out on the patio

You may have noticed in the very first photo that Jac and I eat our pancakes a little differently from one another. Jac likes to roll up her pancakes. She pours herself a little pool of syrup on her plate and dips pancake and bacon into the syrup.

Jac's pancakes with bacon and maple syrup

Me, I like to pile the pancakes one on top of the other. But I make sure each pancake gets a share of syrup – I pour a little syrup on the first pancake before laying the next one on top and adding a little more syrup before adding the next pancake, and so on. I then place my bacon on top of the pancakes and top with a little more syrup. What I’d really like to do is drench the whole lot with half a bottle of syrup, but that remains a fantasy. I show great restraint (I think so, anyway!) when pouring maple syrup over my pancakes and bacon. On this occasion, I had three pancakes. Well, three initially. I ate a fourth one after I finished the first three.

My pancakes with bacon and maple syrup

Jac actually made the pancake batter the night before and left it covered in the fridge overnight. She rang me to tell me she was on her way home from the office with instructions: “Please get the pancake batter and bacon out of the fridge!”

My pancakes with bacon and maple syrup

This has to be my favourite breakfast combo ever. For me, the only thing that can make pancakes with bacon and maple syrup better (apart from free pouring of syrup, as mentioned before) is caramelised banana, like the awesome mountain of brioche french toast I ate at the Gun Shop Cafe in Brisbane earlier this year. I still dream about that breakfast. It’s probably a good thing I live far, far away from there. :)

Bacon and maple syrup close-up

There were still about half a dozen pancakes left over in the fridge after we’d eaten our fill. I had pancakes with maple syrup (no more bacon, though that’s also probably a good thing!) for breakfast the next day.

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