Dinner and bento – fried chicken with ginger vegetable stir-fry

Jac sliced up chicken thigh fillets and marinated them with salt and pepper. She then coated the chicken in “Kentucky” seasoning – we buy this in a box from the asian supermarket (see this photo of “Kentucky” seasoning). She fried the chicken until it was crispy on the outside and poppingly juicy on the inside. She served it with a simple vegetable stir-fry (sugar snap peas, green beans, carrots and bean sprouts), rice and tomato sauce for dipping the chicken pieces into.

Fried chicken, ginger vegetable stir-fry, tomato sauce and rice

The vegies were flavoured with ginger and garlic. Jac cooked the vegetable dish with plenty of sauce to soak into the rice.

Ginger vegetable stir-fry

The fried chicken was delicious. It reminded me of KFC’s popcorn chicken, though our chicken pieces were bigger (and so more chickeny!). I ate about half the chicken dipped in tomato sauce and the other half plain. That “Kentucky” seasoning doesn’t really taste like KFC (that’s what the name “Kentucky” refers to), but it’s very tasty.

Fried chicken close-up

I packed us the leftovers for bento lunch the next day. There wasn’t that much chicken left – we did eat most of it while it was at its freshest and crispiest. I packed us each a sachet of tomato sauce – these were leftover sachets from McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets. I always order my McNuggets with tomato sauce but I often eat them without the sauce. I save the sachets because I know I’ll definitely use them later. :) Jac’s lunch box has a little dog food pick stuck into a piece of chicken; my lunch has the little cat food pick.

Bento lunches for two

I made us some mini strawberry jam sandwiches and mini kaya sandwiches. I ate mine as dessert but Jac ate hers for morning tea. She told me she often can’t wait until lunch time to open her lunch box and see what I’ve packed for her.

My bento lunch - fried chicken, tomato sauce, rice, ginger vegetable stir-fry and mini jam and kaya sandwiches

She also can’t wait to read the little note I’ve left in the lunch box. On this day, it was one of my standard complaints. :)

The note I placed in Jac's lunch box - The thing I don't like about Thursdays is they're not Fridays!

I heated up the rice, vegetables and chicken before eating. I ate my mini sandwiches cold. :)

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