Chocolate mini muffins, Part 2 – it’s my birthday!

It’s my birthday today!

That’s why I brought mini muffins to work on Thursday – for my birthday afternoon tea before the long Easter break. We’ve got public holidays here on Good Friday and Easter Monday. And better still, I’ve got Tuesday off work too, so I’ll be enjoying a 5-day weekend. :D

The muffins

Jac got home from work early on Wednesday and got busy baking. When I got home, the house smelled wonderful – I love the smell of baking, don’t you? She’d just put the last batch of mini muffins into the oven.

When the muffins were cool enough, I made mocha icing and decorated them. There were enough muffins for my workmates and Jac’s workmates plus some extra for us to munch on at home. :)

Chocolate mini muffins

If you look back at the baking muffin/cupcake posts, you’ll see that I’ve done most of it. Jac has always done most of the other cooking i.e. our meals. She’s only recently started to get into baking. She wasn’t that interested before, but lately (and for no particular reason – even she says she doesn’t know why she’s into baking all of a sudden – not that I’m complaining!) she’s been looking in her recipe books for delicious things to bake. She hasn’t baked these mini chocolate muffins before (I have many times) so she was really keen to help out and have a go at baking them for me as soon as she got home from work. I’m chuffed with this new baking Jac! She really saved me a lot of time Wednesday after work. :)

I reckon these chocolate muffins taste best with icing. It doesn’t necessarily have to be chocolate or mocha icing – you could use any icing you want, but I like this super quick and easy mocha icing. I iced all the muffins and decorated some with mini pink and white marshmallows, some with chopped roasted walnuts, and some with chopped Cadbury milk chocolate. I also left some muffins just plain iced, no other decorations. I had to make two batches of icing to have enough to ice all the muffins.

Chocolate mini muffins

Birthday plans

Jac has been hatching secret birthday plans and it will all be a surprise for me today. I have no idea what we’ll be doing (or eating :D). All I know is we’re going out for breakfast, and Jac has more secret plans for the rest of the day.

Tomorrow (Easter Sunday) we’re having a birthday high tea with my family at my parents’ home, which should be fun and yummy.

It’s pretty cool having a long weekend to celebrate your birthday, don’t you think? ;)

Oh, and just in case you’re wondering, I’m now 35.

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