Party pie, sausage roll, samosa and quiche

We enjoyed an afternoon snack of party-sized pastries from Harbour Town Bake House, the bakery at Harbour Town, on our recent weekend in West Perth. For those unfamiliar with the concept of a “party” pie, “party”-sized pastries are mini ones, named as such because they’re perfect finger food for serving to party guests. I love hot pastries and I especially love party pastries – eating little-sized food items is so much more fun than eating regular-sized food items (hence my preference for baking mini muffins :D).

First, a party meat pie:

Party pie

I really liked the pastry, which was quite chewy. The filling was OK, though nothing I’d rave on about.

Party pie innards

On the left, a cheese and bacon quiche; on the right, a meat and potato samosa.

Party quiche and samosa

The samosa was good – ultra-crispy pastry that shattered when you bit into it, filled with meat and potato curry. I love a curry-filled pastry.

Samosa innards

The cheese and bacon quiche was cheesy and bacony, just as its name suggested. :) That chewy yellow cheesy crust was yummy!

Party quiche

We also had a party sausage roll each. I’ve had much tastier sausage rolls – this sausage roll had tiny pieces of onion in its filling, which I really liked, but I thought it could’ve had so much more flavour. I still enjoyed it though. Jac bought a little sachet of tomato sauce to go with her pastries. I ate mine without sauce. Sometimes I want tomato sauce with my pie/sausage roll, sometimes I’m quite happy to eat them without any sauce.

Party sausage roll

We didn’t have lunch that day, so after walking around the shops for a few hours we began to feel a little peckish. These little pastries did the trick – they kept us going until canapes-time. :)

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I had a great birthday yesterday – thank you for all your lovely birthday messages! I will tell you guys about it very soon! :D

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