Little gems and biscuits vs cookies

I wrote about Danish butter cookies in the previous post on comfort food (I really must get a tin of butter cookies soon!). Do any of you remember these little beauties?

Little gem biscuits

When I was a kid, these were another special treat. I think they’re known to many people as “little gems” or “gem biscuits”. I was always tempted to just eat the icing and leave the pile of biscuits, minus icing, behind.

My heartbeat jumped just a little when I spotted them recently in an Asian supermarket and I HAD to buy a bag of them.

Jac doesn’t have a special place in her heart for these like I do, but she can understand why I’d find them so appealing – they’re small, cute and colourful! I’ll probably have them all to myself and will enjoy every single one.

Another biscuit treat I loved as a kid was very simple: sometimes my late grandma spread butter on a cream cracker for me to have as an afternoon snack. Even now, some days at the office I’ll have butter on a Milk Arrowroot biscuit. It tastes good and makes me feel good. I was thrilled to see my little nieces discover the joy of Milk Arrowroot biscuits recently at a family breakfast.

What were your childhood favourite biscuits/cookies?

Biscuits vs Cookies

Biscuits (Australia) = cookies (America)

We do use the word “cookies” but we have a biscuit aisle in the supermarket – not a cookie aisle! :D I can’t think of certain biscuits as “cookies”. Tim Tams, Tiny Teddies and Milk Arrowroots are not cookies! They’ll always be biscuits to me. We Aussies like to shorten everything, so we also like to call them “biccies”. But “chocolate chip cookie” I have no problem with. :)

And just to confuse things, there are what Americans call biscuits. Someday I will get to try one, hopefully as part of a home-cooked Southern dinner!

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