The White Lady, Auckland, New Zealand

We found The White Lady bus by accident on one of our evening walks into Auckland city while staying at the Pullman Hotel. A quick google revealed we’d stumbled on one of Auckland city’s icons, a dusk-to-dawn burger bus owned and run by the Washer family since 1948. After returning from our Waiheke Island jaunt for one last night in Auckland, we were determined eat a burger at The White Lady. Having shared a fancy hotdog at Imperial Lane, we now split a burger (NZ$7.90, White Lady-made beef pattie, fried onions, sauce, lettuce and tomato).

DSC_4251If you’re in the vicinity, you really can’t miss The White Lady bus


Months later, we still think and talk about this burger, made to order and proof that ‘simple’ can be absolutely stunning when done right. I can almost taste that tender, juicy beef pattie and the sweet fried onions, and feel that chewy, soft, buxom bun. Jac still talks about the lettuce – not shredded, but a fresh, crisp leaf folded, adding a subtle crunch to every bite. Utterly sensational. Didn’t even notice we were eating it standing next to a rubbish bin until I looked at the photos later. With such burger magic voodoo (as my mate Prez would say), it’s not surprising The White Lady’s been around for so many years.


We chatted with The White Lady guys and one of them told us about his favourite place for dumplings that wasn’t too far away. Burger demolished, we jumped into a cab in hot pursuit of steamed handmade dumplings. So far, a great last night in Auckland!


I blogged recently about Alfred’s Kitchen, a late-night burger icon in Perth. Every city has its favourite late-night takeaway. Where’s yours?


The White Lady
Corner of Commerce and Fort Streets, Auckland
Open 6pm to 4am Monday to Thursday
24 hours over the weekend
Cash only

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Auckland and Waiheke Island trip – blog series

We had a brilliant holiday in Auckland earlier this year. There are more blog posts to come from the trip.

Posted so far (in reading order):

This trip to Auckland and Waiheke Island, New Zealand was planned by Jac and me. We paid for all meals, accommodation and activities; the exception was 1 x return premium economy flight Perth to Auckland, which I received at an Air New Zealand launch event last year. Everything I blog about the trip is based on our experiences and all opinions are ours.

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  • Peter G

    Love their burgers! Glad you found it and enjoyed the experience.

    • Peter G,
      Yep. So glad we found it, given that I’d managed to totally miss it in my pre-holiday research.

  • OMG…….what a burger. I love stumbling across historic eats like this. As you say, very simple yet so good.

    • Trent,
      Next time I visit I will have to order one of the more elaborate burgers involving pineapple :P

      • Do It! What about beetroot on your burger? I would say I prefer beetroot over pineapple….however one with the lot that has a runny yolk egg bursts with flavour.

        • Trent, I hate beetroot! :) Pineapple, egg and bacon are my picks for a deluxe burger. Just gotta get back to Auckland. :P

  • Craig Hind

    We still have to find our late night burger place in Sydney. For now we’ll have to make do with a Harry’s pie!

    • Craig, I’d have a tough time choosing between a curry tiger and this burger. I’d have to get both.

  • Helen (grabyourfork)

    Love the set-up and that burger looks incredible!

  • Caro Hind

    You shared that burger?! I would not have been able to share it.

  • Winnie Loo

    Huxtaburger in Melbourne. Diner-style greasy juicy burgers: so, so, SO good.

  • Cindy M

    That does look like a super-yummy burger. Like the bus setup; seems like it belongs in a scene in “Blade Runner.” ;-) I don’t do late-night takeaway, unfortunately (can’t eat much past 7:00 p.m.).

    • Cindy,
      I don’t often do late-night takeaway because I couldn’t go for that long without eating dinner. I’m usually starving when I get home from work.

  • Dea

    I don’t have late night suppers/takeaways very often, too, so it usually is a real treat for me. The ultimate late night snack for me is definitely crispy, hot roti prata (canai) and an iced milo kosong!