Short stories: McDonald’s Big Breakfast

No, the McDonald’s Big Breakfast isn’t back in Australian stores – these photographs are over 8 years old. I recently spotted a new breakfast wrap on the menu at Macca’s with bacon, egg and tomato, and the scrambled eggs in the wrap made me think about the Big Breakfast, which was taken off the menu years ago. Yes, it’s kind of airline food-ish. Yes, I know I can get a better breakfast at a multitude of places. Yes, it’s McDonald’s. You may scoff, but the old Big Breakfast had its place in my life and I still miss it. No, a Sausage & Egg McMuffin meal doesn’t fill the void.

Do you still have the McDonald’s Big Breakfast where you live? And which food favourites do you miss from the past?

breakfast2Remember when everything at McDonald’s came in that (thankfully now phased out) Styrofoam packaging?

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