Queen Victoria Market – Wednesday Night Market

We were in Melbourne for three nights in the week before Christmas, and on the first evening, we went to the Night Market at Queen Victoria Market. With over 60 stalls, it was an international street food feast, with pierogis, Argentinean BBQ, Filipino BBQ, paella, Nepalese momo, Taiwanese popcorn chicken, pizza, souvlaki, crepes, Philly cheese steak, soft shell crab sliders from Hammer & Tong, chargrilled satay by Mamak and lots more. The air was smokey and smelled delicious.

Maybe it’s just me being the country cousin from little old Perth, but the crowd was intense, especially in the pavilion – a slow-moving wall of people and queues at every stall. We got chicken wings with blue cheese dip from Wing Man (finger-sucking awesome!) but soon needed to break free from the stuffy, sweaty, packed pavilion. The stalls outside were just as busy, but we fought our way through for a salted caramel gelato cone from the Bianco Latte cart (absolutely fantastic!). We could’ve stayed for more market grub but decided to grab dinner elsewhere. MoVida beckoned… stay tuned!

Queen Victoria Market

  • Corner of Elizabeth and Victoria Streets, Melbourne CBD
  • The regular Queen Victoria Market is open 5 days a week: Tuesday, and Thursday to Sunday – see opening hours
  • We didn’t get a chance to see the market in action at daytime i.e. deli hall, produce market and specialty shopping – will do so on another trip!
  • The Wednesday Night Market will be on every Wednesday 5-10pm until 26 March, 2014
The bar The bar

Spot the photographer? Spot the photographer?

Whole roasted pig Pork rolls carved off a whole roasted pig

Hoy pinoy filipino food Hoy Pinoy filipino food

Taiwan Pop Chicken Taiwan popcorn chicken

duo_qvm2A creme brulee cart, and nearby, hotdogs

I had to laugh - looks like Melbourne market-goers are as crazy about tornado potatoes as Perth market-goers I had to laugh – looks like tornado potatoes are as popular in Melbourne as they are in Perth. The queue at this stall seemed perpetually long, and I almost got poked in the eye by many a tornado potato in the crowd

Wing Man chicken wings with blue cheese dip Wing Man chicken wings with traditional buffalo sauce and blue cheese dip

Salted caramel gelato Salted caramel gelato by Bianco Latte

DSCF3309Live music added to the atmosphere



About this series

In December 2013, my partner Jac and I went on holiday – Melbourne (3 nights), then 3 nights in Launceston (Jac, to stay with a friend) and King Island (me, for a photographic safari with a couple of friends), and finally, Hobart, where we spent Christmas (6 nights). This trip was not sponsored in any way.

The complete set of Melbourne posts
Not bad for three nights’ ‘work’, eh? Hope you’ve enjoyed the series.

For a preview of some of the stories to come, see Holiday sneak peek. There’s a lot more to come.

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  • Oh the wings look divine!

    • Bryan, they were delicious and well worth the messiness factor! Jac’s been inspired and is making her own version also with blue cheese dip for a family get-together this weekend.

  • Looks like an awesome food fest! I love going to events like this, but my only gripe are the crowds. I hate waiting for food!

    • I don’t mind a short wait but when everything has a long line, it gets tiresome and I get more and more hungry! My other half is very impatient and hates waiting more than I do, so I knew we wouldn’t stay long at these markets.

  • Markets are my all time favourite things to visit when I travel and I can’t believe I’ve never been to this one! Thanks for the virtual tour!

    • Cheers, Mardi. It wasn’t easy to take pictures, especially in the pavilion. And even finding a free spot to stand out of the way and eat our food was tricky!

  • Oh yay! Am loving that you started this series so I can read about all your food stories when you were in Melbourne. You know, this is highly embarrassing but I still have not been to the QVM night market. Horrible. There’s more stalls than I thought, it seems! This needs to change in 2014. Looking forward to reading the next episode =)

  • Jugernaut

    This thing was so manic and your pics don’t convey how manic it was. :O Thousands of people and a bazillion stalls and the longest wait time. While I enjoyed it, it was possibly a bit too much.