A pop shop in Popsicle Town

Update: The Delish Ice Pop Shop closes down for the summer on Sunday 30 March. Opening hours until then are 11.30am to 5.30pm.

Summer’s back with a sweaty, grumpy vengeance (oh, maybe that’s just me!) but with perfect timing, the Delish Ice pop-up shop has opened on William Street in Northbridge, between Turnstyle and Two Up, near the traffic lights at the corner of Roe Street.

Delish Ice artisan ice popsicles are Western Australian-made, originating in Cowaramup in the South West, sold around Perth and Mandurah and the Margaret River region at events and markets – look out for the cute vintage caravan with the white fence and pink flamingos. You can also find Delish ice pops in the city at cheese toastie specialist Toastface Grillah.


The pop shop in Northbridge is currently open daily 11.30am to 7pm. The pops are AU$4 each, and flavours include ginger beer, mint and lime; banana, coconut and choc chip; watermelon lemonade; and basil and elderflower. The list of available flavours is displayed at the front of the shop.

My current favourites are creamy iced coffee, made with locally roasted Yahava coffee; lychee, pineapple and lime; and salted malted caramel. I’ve had to go to Northbridge for work meetings lately, which means visits to the pop shop when the timing is right.

DSCF3009The pop shop is on William Street between Roe and James Streets, across from the State Theatre.

While Delish Ice remains my sentimental favourite, Perth’s become a bit of a Popsicle Town – other vendors of handcrafted popsicles include Fremantle-based La Paleta, whose Mexican ice treats include a magnificent creamy salted caramel pop (significantly saltier than Delish Ice’s – really good, just different) and ‘the natural fruit pop company’ Soul Pops.

Perth, Popsicle Town. Top: Soul Pops, bottom: La Paleta. Right: La Paleta's salted caramel popsicle. Perth, Popsicle Town. Top: Soul Pops, bottom: La Paleta. Right: La Paleta’s salted caramel popsicle.

It’s getting easier to get your hands on these handmade popsicles – whether van, cart, or stall you’ll find them at farmers markets, events like the Twilight Hawkers Market, festivals, and sometimes even shopping centres. Best way to know their whereabouts is to follow the popsicle people via Facebook:

All we need now is for someone to make durian or sweet corn-flavoured popsicles (very Malaysian flavours), and I will be in heaven.

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