Eat, sleep, work, repeat

Nothing exciting to report. It’s been eat, sleep, work, repeat.

Above: From Good One BBQ in East Vic Park, a large BBQ combination (roasted soya sauce chicken, roast pork, BBQ pork) with steamed rice and Chinese greens. I like my three meats but next time I reckon I’ll go just roast pork for triple the crackling.

Below: The impressively large piece of fish I got with my fish and chips on the weekend. For size comparison, the battered banana. I always order a banana from the fish and chippie. I love my fried banana even though nothing is as good as the fried bananas from my childhood days in Malaysia – goreng pisang.

Haven’t been anywhere photographically interesting lately, and I have no adventures scheduled until late July. Until then, it’ll just be more eat, sleep, work, repeat.

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