The Year of the Picnic

Work’s been exhausting lately. I’ve been looking forward to a quiet Easter break with minimal plans.

We slept in yesterday, had breakfast at home and then packed a picnic lunch to take to Canning River Regional Park.

Jac panfried a couple of chicken breasts that she had stuffed with chorizo salami, spinach and extra sharp vintage cheddar (no recipe – she just looked in the fridge, put the ingredients together and got creative). The cheese melted out of the chicken during cooking, but she scooped it up, left it to cool along with the chicken, and then packed it all up for the picnic. As you can see in the pictures, she sliced up the cheese as well as the chicken. Jac also made coleslaw, and, inspired by my ravings about the tomato salads I enjoyed in Myanmar, a Burmese tomato salad. We also munched on crisp seedless grapes, fresh pomegranate and buttered bread rolls (actually, they were brioche hotdog buns, six in the pack; we’ll eat hotdogs later this weekend). We didn’t finish all the chicken but used the leftovers to make toasted sandwiches in the evening.

Being Good Friday, the Canning River Cafe was closed and it wasn’t as busy in the park as it usually is on the weekend. But there were a fair few people out enjoying the beautiful sunny day – picnicking, having a barbecue, riding bikes, and kayaking. After eating, we went for a walk by the river and around the park. Of course, there were Pokémon on the trail.

Yep, I’m declaring 2017 ‘Year of the Picnic’.

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