Dinner, 29/08/2005

Here is the encore of the baked asian-style chicken on green beans (recipe from from “Real Fast Food”, a feature in delicious magazine August 2005, p.147), except this time instead of plain old green beans I stir-fried some mixed vegetables (bok choy, stringless beans, baby corn, mushrooms, onion and loads of garlic, with oyster sauce and a splash of dark soy) to go with it. We used boneless, skinless chicken thighs again, rather than breast. For me, dark meat wins every time. I always feel really cheated if I end up with white meat when I eat Charcoal Chicken/KFC/Chicken Treat. When ordering quarter chicken packs at Charcoal Chicken or Chicken Treat I always ask for a leg – that way I end up with dark meat – leg and thigh – my favourite parts.

Baked asian-style chicken, encore

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