Favourite book food

A wonderful smell came creeping into the dining room, followed by the inn-woman carrying a large tray. On it was a steaming tureen of porridge, a bowl of golden syrup, a jug of very thick cream, and a dish of bacon and eggs, all piled high on crisp brown toast. Little mushrooms were on the same dish.

“It’s like magic!” said Anne, staring. “Just the very things I longed for!”

“Toast, marmalade and butter to come, and the coffee and hot milk,” said the woman, busily setting everything out. “And if you want any more bacon and eggs, just ring the bell.”

“Too good to be true!” said Dick, looking at the table. “For goodness’ sake, help youselves quickly, girls, or I shall forget my manners and grab.”

Ever since the first time I read this as a child, I have never forgotten the little mushrooms on the same dish (which sound so appetising to me), and Dick’s warning that he may grab. This excerpt is from one of my favourite books – can any of you identify it?

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