I think I’m coming down with something. I have a cough and a hanky full of blowings. I’ve been feeling crook for the past couple of days. I haven’t taken time off though – I’m still working on the current chapter. The thing is, I always seem to crave junk food when I’m not feeling well. Back when we started seeing each other I got quite sick and Jac rang me to ask if she could bring anything when she came to visit me. “Yes,” I croaked, “A Red Rooster Roast Chicken Dinner please…with a leg, not a wing” (see, I was sick but my brain was working for the important things!). Last night Jac kindly drove to Hungry Jacks to get me a Whopper Meal and nuggets. Neither of us felt like cooking anyway.

The HJs nuggets. I still think McDonald’s McNuggets are the best, but these are good too. The crumbed coating on them is very crispy and surprisingly spicy.

Hungry Jacks Nuggets

Here are the fries (we all know what fries look like):

Hungry Jacks Fries

The Whopper, still in its wrapper. I love the smell of the burger through the wrapper – I put it to my nose and inhale the aroma before actually unwrapping. I do the same thing when we buy fish and chips from our local shop.

Hungry Jacks Whopper - wrapped

The Whopper:

Hungry Jacks Whopper

The Whopper was loaded with mayonnaise and was very tasty. It’s really good when you’re craving something and it just hits the spot. Just a shame I had burger in one hand and snot rag in the other.

Hungry Jacks Whopper - chomped

Ugh, my head is all blocked up. I might have to go back to bed for a while.

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