I love a pie for breakfast

I love eating a pie for breakfast. Especially a pie fresh from a real bakery. Whenever we go away, I always make sure I familiarise myself with the local bakery of whatever town we’re staying at. I highly recommend the Miami Bakehouse at Mandurah, and the bakery at Ledge Point (town next to Lancelin). I do confess, I like Jesters and Miss Maud pies too. A good pie should have plenty of filling that matches its name i.e. if it’s supposed to be a beef and mushroom pie there should be a generous amount of both beef and mushroom. There shouldn’t be more gravy than meat. The gravy should be thick but not floury-thick – it certainly must not be too runny. I once ate a chicken and mushroom pie that had such runny gravy when I bit into it the gravy just poured straight out and I lost half of it as it dripped to the floor (how could I “catch” piping-hot fast-flowing gravy when all I had was my mouth and hands (hot burny gravy? no thanks!) and the brown paper bag the pie came in?). It was most disappointing, as a few mushroom pieces floated away with the gravy too.

Yesterday, I bought a gourmet chicken and vegetable pie from Aroma cafe, for $3.95. While this wasn’t really a fresh bakery pie it was pretty darn close. It was a really big pie, which of course impressed me. But what did it taste like?

Gourmet chicken and vegetable pie

It was delicious! The pastry was not too thick – one of my gripes with Bakewell pies, for example, is that the pastry is waaay too thick and tasteless. The gravy was just the right thickness, not too runny. It was really well-seasoned, quite peppery (but not overly so) and had a lot of flavour. There were lots of peas and corn kernels in it, which I love in a chicken pie. There was a lot of chicken in the pie, which was chunky and tender. I was impressed that it was chicken pieces, not minced chicken. Well worth the price, I thought. I’ll be having another one again soon.

Gourmet chicken and vegetable pie, detail

So tell me, do you like pies? If no, why not? If yes, what’s your favourite pie? I like chicken pies more than beef pies, but I love a good steak and onion or beef and mushroom pie. Once in a while I even enjoy a curry pie. Jac’s favourite is steak and kidney.

In other news, I signed my contract for my room auditing job yesterday. I picked up my badge, a swipe card for access to a couple of the rooms in the science buildings, a clipboard with tally sheets to record all the numbers, and I even scored a free pen for the job (freebies, even small ones, are always good). So next week I’ll be doing very long days at uni. It will be worth it though. There are 20 rooms on my list, spread across 5 or so departments, that I have to audit every hour. I’m looking forward to recording lots of steps on my pedometer. Jac has said she will have dinner ready on the table when I get home every evening. :-D

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