Soft, rubbery, crispy, spongey…delicious

I’ve written about this before – how I love the contrasting textures and tastes of a McDonald’s Big Breakfast… the soft, bland scrambled eggs; the spicy, rubbery sausage (perfect accompaniment to bland eggs!); the ultra-crispy, salty hash brown; the spongey (with crispy edges) english muffin, with sticky strawberry jam.

McDonald's Big Breakfast

And I usually hate disposable cutlery and plates (especially using paper plates and plastic cutlery at a barbie – I especially HATE trying to cut steak on a paper plate balanced on my lap), but there’s something oddly satisfying about carving up my sausage pattie with a plastic knife and fork and leaving prong and carve-marks on the environmentally-unfriendly styrofoam thingy(s) they still serve the Big Breakfast and Hotcakes in.

Hahaha… since I’m posting pictures of McDonald’s food, I may as well chuck in another:

McDonald's Big Breakfast

McDonald’s sign, 6:55am. Even though I was wearing three layers of clothes and gloves, I was absolutely freezing when I took this picture. I believe it was 2 degrees celcius at the time.

McDonald's sign

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