Eating Solo 3: Sunday breakfast

I woke up craving a cooked breakfast, so I got out of bed and got cracking.

I scrambled my eggs with plenty of butter with my right hand…

Scrambled eggs in the pan

…and fried the bacon and tomato with my left hand (note: there’s more bacon and tomato here than I ate for breakfast. I’ll be using them later in another dish). I almost forgot to cut the rind off the bacon but remembered at the last minute. I left a layer of fat on, of course!

Frying bacon and tomato

I served my bacon, scrambled eggs and tomato with a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. I don’t know where Jac got the oranges from, but they were beautifully sweet and juicy. I’ve taught her to pick oranges how I like them (and how my mum taught me) – heavy and thin-skinned.

Bacon, scrambled eggs, fried tomato and freshly squeezed orange juice


Bacon, scrambled eggs and fried tomato

Now the house smells deliciously like fried bacon, and it’s time for a cup of tea. I will leave the doors open for a while though, so that the house will smell fresh with just a hint of bacony goodness.

Edit: heheheheh, I plan to show Jac all of these “Eating Solo” posts when she returns, so she can see how well I can feed myself in her absence!

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