Midweek cat blogging

I was going to wait until the weekend and save this for Weekend Cat Blogging, but I couldn’t resist.

We bought a new doona/pillow case set on special at Target recently. Billy Lee has taken quite a shine to it. Here she is, comfy on Jac’s side of the bed.

Awwww... do I have to get up now?

In this photo, Pixel is trying to snuggle up to Billy Lee.

May I join you, pleeeeeease?

Billy Lee doesn’t mind Pixel snuggling up as long as she can give her a bath. She LOVES giving Pixel baths… long, thorough baths. She licks and nibbles, really getting into it… looks kind of painful to me! Pixel doesn’t mind it initially, but she always gets annoyed after a couple of minutes and tries to get away. As you can see in this photo, Billy Lee has perfected her restrain-by-leg technique. Poor wriggling Pixel is trapped and getting the cleaning of her life!

Bath time!

Heheheheh… I love this image of Billy Lee in bed.

Seriously, do I have to get up now?

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