Review: Nagoya Sushi

This afternoon, we met up with Jac’s mum and her paternal grandmother P for coffee at the Miss Maud Bakehouse in Perth. P is a really lovely lady. She lives in Queensland and was here on holiday – off to Broome next. She loves travelling, and has even lived in Mevagissey, in Cornwall in the UK for a while, as part of a nine-month-long house-swap! (Does that sound familiar to you Juji? That’s where the Two Fat Ladies cooked in the Fish episode in their first season. They cooked at the pub called The Shark’s Fin.)

This post will not be about Miss Maud Bakehouse! We had two rounds of skinny cappucinos (well, the others, anyway, I had a cup of tea). When it was all over and we’d said good-bye, Jac and I decided to walk into the city and have a look at the shops and get something to eat – a late lunch/early dinner. Jac was craving chicken karaage. We decided to give Nagoya Sushi on Hay Street a go. I’ve walked past it loads of times but never ever went in. I guess when I have Japanese in town I tend to go to Jaws Kaiten Sushi for the revolving sushi bar, which I can’t get anywhere else. I can easily get nice Japanese food closer to home, so when I’m in town I tend to have other cuisines. Anyway, we got there around 4:15pm. Given that Perth city shops are open from 12-5pm on Sundays and it was way past lunch time, the restaurant was almost empty.

Nagoya Sushi

Jac’s Karaage Bento Set, excellent value for AU$9.80. It came with rice, salad (lightly dressed with that delicious sesame oil dressing you get with salad in Japanese restaurants), pickled ginger (which Jac immediately drowned in soy sauce), one piece of chicken katsu sushi roll, one piece of california roll, the karaage drizzled with barbecue sauce and served with a big dollop of baby mayonaise, and three kinds of melon (water, rock and honeydew).

Karaage Bento Set

My Chicken Teriyaki Bento Set, also AU$9.80, came with the same stuff as the Karaage set (apart from the karaage of course, duh!).

Chicken Teriyaki Bento Set

The teriyaki sauce was seriously the nicest I’ve ever had. Yep, nicer than the teriyaki I had recently at Yoko’s (Yep, Yoko’s and Nagoya use exactly the same dishes for their bento sets!). Don’t know what was so different or special about it exactly, but it was amaaaazing. I was drinking it with my spoon like it was soup, and when it was all gone I wanted some more! The chicken skin was deliciously crisp from being fried, and the chicken was dark meat, just as it should be.

The chicken katsu roll and california roll were both very nice. They sat on the salad, which tasted really fresh.

Close-up of the sushi

Close-up of the karaage. It was really tasty. At Jaws, the revolving plates of karaage come with chilli mayonaise instead og barbecue sauce – I think I prefer the barbecue. This was really lovely. Jac (and I, who had a couple of pieces) enjoyed it.

Close-up of karaage

It was a nice idea to include the fruit as a refreshing end to the meal. The watermelon was good, the rockmelon OK (I don’t really like rockmelon) but unfortunately the honeydew melon was hard and bland. Still, the savoury parts of the set were so good and were so filling I didn’t really give a stuff about the melon i.e. if the bento set didn’t come with melon or any fruit at all I would’ve still been quite happy.

Three kinds of melon

Nagoya Sushi is located at 777 Hay Street, Perth. They sell takeaway sushi packs as well as meals for dine-in or takeaway. You order at the counter, are given a numbered ticket, and called when your food is ready. I thought AU$9.80 for our bento sets was really great value – Jac was so full she had trouble finishing all her rice (of course, I made a perfect pig of myself, finishing all my food and polishing off some of Jac’s chicken and rice). There was no miso soup included, but that was fine with me. Next time we go I hope to try the teriyaki tofu or teriyaki fish bento set. We’ll definitely be going back.

I did have a lot of work to get home to (and it’s still sitting here screaming for my attention), but it was nice to just walk around town for a bit and have a meal with Jac somewhere new. But now, as it’s been ever since I began my PhD, I’m at the “dreading the end of the weekend and the start of another busy week” time of my Sunday.

*Looks back at recent posts* Geeeeeez, it’s been a big eating week, hasn’t it?

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