Weekend Cat Blogging 21

Happy Birthday Kiri! I couldn’t get the cats to dress up for your party, but here’s the next closest thing!

Our babies don’t do costumes or clothes, but they like to sit in things, so these will have to do as “dressing up”! Pixel has always enjoyed sitting in things. Here she is, as a kitten, “dressed up” in a pot plant holder.

Pixel in a pot holder

Here she is, happily “dressed up” in a wastepaper basket.

Pixel dressed up as rubbish

And here she is again, “dressed up” in boxes.

Boxing Pixel

And for some reason, Billy Lee loves playing “dress-ups” in those Coles and Woolworth’s green shopping bags.

Cat in the bag

And don’t miss my bonus cat posts this week: meet Scrappy the kitten and Billy Lee enjoying the new doona set posted earlier this week.

We hope Kiri has a lovely weekend. All of you cat lovers, do join in with your cat pics every weekend at Clare’s eat stuff site !

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