A lot goes on, but nothing happens…*

I didn’t take photos of my meals today. I had a chicken pie for breakfast (see previous post “I love a pie for breakfast”), and char kway teow just like this for lunch. I’ll be working from home tomorrow because a fridge guy is coming over to reseal the bar fridge sometime between 9 and 11am. Being lazy but organised, I bought a takeaway serve of char bee hoon to have for lunch tomorrow… heheh. I ate my leftover stir-fried vegetables with bacon and tomato and rice for dinner tonight.

On my way home today I dropped into Woolies and picked up some lollies for the neighbourhood kiddies for Halloween. Every year at least a dozen local kids appear at our door trick or treating, some with their mums keeping watch nearby. I don’t entirely approve of this – to me, Halloween is a very cool part of American culture (key word here is American). I see no need for kids in Australia to be jumping on the Halloween bandwagon. But still, it’s pretty harmless and doesn’t cost me more than five bucks to get some lollies for the kids every year. This year I got some jelly babies, jersey caramels and sour worms. I’m indifferent towards jelly babies, love jersey caramels and won’t touch sour worms (not into sour lollies at all! I remember when I was in high school the sour lollies were all the rage, as well as the hot ones, called Warheads). What are your favourite lollies?

Jelly babies and jersey caramels

Sour worms and jersey caramels

At Woolies, I also picked up a bunch of asparagus, broccoli and more green beans and eight chicken thighs, which I’ve bagged up. Four of the thighs, which I cut into chunky strips, are in a bag in the fridge marinating in dark and light soy sauce, a pinch of brown sugar, white pepper, cornflour and a touch of sesame oil. I’ll cook them up tomorrow evening (something similar to this dish); there’ll be enough for two meals. The rest of the chicken thighs are bagged in the freezer; I haven’t decided what I will do with them. Maybe ginger chicken… or Thai green curry… or hoisin chicken.

You know what? No kids turned up at the door this evening! Not one! Last year we had a ninja, Harry Potter, Spider-man and quite a few others. Maybe everyone forgot or got lazy because it’s a Monday night, rather than the weekend? Oh well. As I don’t eat lollies they will be here waiting for Jac when she returns. (She’s having a good time, by the way.)

*Title is from “Nothing Much Happens” by Ben Lee, from the album Breathing Tornados.

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