Eating Solo 7: Deepfried dinner, 25/10/2005

After seeing the pictures of fish and chips on a couple of my favourite blogs recently (see here and here), I began craving fish and chips myself. So on Tuesday I wandered down to our local fish and chip shop.

I got myself a fisherman’s basket, which consists of two pieces of fish, a handful of squid rings, two prawns, two scallops, crabstick and chips. For $10.50 it was very good value, because I ate half for dinner, and half for lunch the next day.

Fisherman's basket

I also got a banana fritter. Not as good as real goreng pisang, of course, but a deliciously sweet, greasy way to end my meal. The banana was really soft and ripe. I could’ve eaten it without teeth! They do pineapple fritters too (deepfried pineapple ring), which I also love.

Banana fritter

As usual, I’ve been too busy during the week to post, so there are more food posts to follow, stay tuned.

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