Eating solo 12: Sunday night

I was going to cook a noodle stir-fry tonight, but then I remembered I had some rice leftover that I really needed to eat up (Yes, really! Can’t waste rice!). I’ve been very conscious of making sure that I eat vegetables while Jac is away (if I didn’t consciously think about it I reckon my meals would all revolve around rice and chicken with no vegetables whatsoever), and so I decided I would fry up some cabbage with egg to eat with my rice. It’s very simple really, fry up onion and garlic, then toss in the sliced cabbage. Crack some black pepper in and flavour with oyster sauce. When the cabbage is just about done break a couple of eggs in. When eggs are done, dish is ready.

Fried cabbage with egg

And I made another variation of my chicken dish with no name, this time with asparagus. I actually tossed the asparagus into the wok a little too early, and when the asparagus was just perfect, a couple of the chunkier bits of chicken were still a little underdone. I didn’t want to risk overcooking the asparagus and having it lose its crisp texture, which is a big part of the pleasure of eating it (for me, anyway), so I fished it all out and kept it aside while the chicken finished cooking. I chucked the asparagus back in at the end, mixed it all through…Mmmm. Notice how I’ve put the food into fancy square dishes for the photo? They are from the Zen range of dishes by Tupperware.

Another variation of that chicken dish with no name

It hasn’t been a bad weekend, I suppose. I went to the shops on Saturday and bought three Bonds tops – 2 raglan t-shirts (black and grey) and one purple polo shirt. This afternoon I finally did some filing which was long, long overdue. I’ve had a very high pile of paperwork sitting here in the study for months now. I bought a pack of manila folders to organise it all with but haven’t had a chance to even crack open the packaging (as you know, I’ve been pretty much occupied with uni stuff and computer stuff). Well, it’s all done now – I sorted and filed while watching The Golden Girls Season 1, which I picked up on special for $19.98 on Saturday from Sanity. As I filed, I chuckled out loud at Rose’s stupidity and Sophia’s outright rudeness. I love that show.

Now I’m drinking a cup of tea and waiting for CSI to start on Channel 9 so I can record it for Jac, and for that Elvis mini-series (that is being shown all in one go as a movie) on Channel Ten so I can record it for me. What can I say – I’m an Elvis fan, I like biopics and to be honest, I’m not convinced that Jonathan Rhys-Meyers can do a consistent and convincing Elvis accent. I’ll either enjoy it or enjoy picking the shit out of it – I can’t lose, really!

Another week begins…ugh. I hate the beginning of the week. I’ve got Exam Invigilator Training this week. That should be a laugh (not really!). I get paid for it, which is good. Exams begin not this week but the next, and the latest batch of assignments will probably arrive end of this week or early next week. That should keep me busy until Jac comes home.

Edit: Less than a minute into it: I think his voice is too high. It just ain’t Elvis enough.

Edit, 8:53PM: That lip-synching is just awful! It just doesn’t work because 1) you know it’s real Elvis’ voice, not the actor’s voice, 2) the actor’s lip-synching is really really REALLY BAD and 3) because the actor’s speaking voice is just too high it’s just too hard to imagine that singing voice as belonging to him. And I can’t see Robert Patrick as Vernon Presley. He’s just Agent Doggett. Or the dude from Terminator 2!

Edit, 8:58PM: UUUUUUGH! The “It’s All Right, Mama” bit where Elvis sort of jams and taps on his guitar with the actor using his own voice is terrible! He has a horrible can’t-sing voice, the sort that karaoke was (unfortunately) invented for. All of last week, the ads for this claimed that this ‘movie’ has the endorsement of the Presleys. I have no idea why, if that is true.

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