Home for lunch

I’ve been working from home this week, writing the latest chapter. Today, Jac rang to say she would pick up a couple of lunch bar burgers and head home to have lunch with me. How nice!

She brought home a hamburger, just simple: meat pattie, lettuce, tomato, onion and loads of barbecue sauce…

Lunch bar burger

…and a chicken burger, with crumbed chicken fillet, lettuce and mayonaise. The chicken fillet had a strange shape (as you can see), but its crumbed coating was delicious, and the fillet was most definitely chickeny (meaty, not reconstituted chicken). Pixel enjoyed a few bits of chicken too. Billy Lee was in bed and too lazy to get up (plus I don’t think she realised Pixel was getting treats).

Lunch bar chicken burger

It was lovely having lunch with Jac on a work day. The burgers were really delicious – they tasted really fresh. I do love my Hungry Jacks and McDonald’s but sometimes the freshness of a lunch bar burger beats them hands down.

Two lunch bar burgers

On the weekend, Jac will be helping me move most of my stuff home from my office at uni. The building my office is in is having its asbestos roofing removed, and all the occupants will have to vacate the building for about a month. The building will be completely off limits to us during this time. We can move back in mid-January when the work has been completed. The timing of this is good, as I’ve been feeling really over the shared office thing lately. I do like having the office on campus, especially on cold, rainy wintery days and teaching days – I like having a base to work (on thesis as well as marking assignments), store stuff and eat lunch. But the forced socialising with my office mates can be annoying when I’m not in the mood (nothing personal – just sometimes I don’t feel like talking or making eye contact or even acknowledging anyone).

Some people are being relocated to some other rooms on campus during the roof project. I chose to work from home because there wasn’t a lot of free space available on campus; I figured I could manage working from home for a month or so (of course, with the festive period coming up I won’t be working that whole month anyway – I haven’t actually taken any holidays this year – and I’m supposed to).

Since I won’t have any office space for the month, I’ve organised getting a locker in the postgrad computer lab, just in case I have a need a secure place to store stuff. I heard today that the Uni Head Honcho of the postgraduates wants to squeeze more desks into the office – we already have six – if that happens I think I will have to work from home permanently. Or maybe if I would pay for it, the uni would rent me a room (yeah right).

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